Age of the World pyramids

By creative Agent Mathieu Lehanneur (FR)

“The Age of the World pyramids” of the populations of Fjaler (Municipality Norway), Norway and Europe , are modeled in 3D. Mathieu Lehanneur is using the population data of 2008 to determine the shape of his “Age of the World pyramids”, the resulting contoured shapes then communicate the state of living in a given country…

Statistics quit charts and graphs reincarnated in a curious set of containers, jars or urns, creating a radical representation of our human bondage to this world. Birth is the base and death the apex of these enameled terra cotta pagodas, whose contours change in phase with the age rings that translate life expectancy. From bottom to top there are 100 strata, shaped in solid or void, but the top end is always a sharp tip. What we have here is a fascinating twin-scope view of the state of living, a look at our own life-span in a sculptural surround view. Can you find yourself in the pyramid? What level are you at neighbor? Where have you been all this time honey?

The “age-pyramids” are 40 cm high x 40 cm wide. The “age-pyramid” of Fjaler is manufactured in CNC production by Shape in collaboration with Transplant. The “age-pyramids” Norway and Europe will be visualized in 3D and produced as an printed image in their original size. See more at