Scenario Act of Self Expression

Tøyen Revisited
by Annelise Bothner-By Sound postcards
October 2016
Photo, paper and recording device

Elevation Station
by Philipp von Hase
DIY food elevator and lighting
October 2016
Cable, lamp, aluminium cooker, plywood, hooks


Scenario Stories Retraced

Pipene på Tøyen
by Kneip
Landsmark installation
October 2016
Steel, copper, brass, foam and spruce wood

A piece of Tøyen
by Elora Brahmachari
City plan
October 2016
Laser cut paper


Scenario Common Ground

Tøyen Festival Roof, Tøyen Sunshine
by Ralston & Bau
Urban shelter, garden and dam
October 2016
Iron, car paint and stainless steel, LED and polycarbonate
Produced by Merethe Bua

0 Tøyen Roofs-market & dam.jpg

Tøyen Market Roof, Tøyen Water
by Ralston & Bau
Urban lighting
Iron, stainless steel and car paint
October 2016
Produced by Merethe Bua