Ideal Lab is working in thematical cycles. The latest theme Replanted Identity has resulted in a norwegian-french exchange between 14 designers and artists and a touring exhibition with the works in the theme. Below you will find a pressrelease in english and french and a link to images. For more information and pictures of the works please take contact.

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Ideal Lab / Replanted Identity
In a world where everyone are in contact with everyone else, having something truly collective emerge often as difficult. In this context of globalisation and migrations, the issue of identity is more and more prevalent. An identity in its original sense means: what is identical to us, keep us together. Beyond differences, what make us identical? To explore this question, Ideal Lab’ invited artists, designers and the inhabitants of two harbour cities and industrial micropolis: Saint-Nazaire in France and Florø in Norway. After having exchanged and found recurring issues, the Agents have imagined objects and art pieces producing identity. An identity based on what brings people together, local techniques and aesthetics. Three scenarios structure the exhibition: Share, Adapt and Belong.

Replanted Identity Exhibition
Download Press Release in English
Download Press Release in French

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Ideal Lab
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+47 48 123 115

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