Annelise Bothner-By

Annelise is curator at the Intercultural museum in Tøyenbekken5, Oslo, where she works with both art and cultural heritage exhibition projects. Her background is within exhibition and spatial design, cultural studies and artistic research. In her work she is concerned with space as social and performative situations, and with the dynamics of participatory creative processes in representations and spatial narratives within the museal context. Intercultural museum is part of Oslo Museum, and explores Norway’s immigration history and transcultural exchanges in the Norwegian society.



Kneip is a craft, design and art studio founded by Jørgen Platou Willumsen and Stian Korntved Ruud. Together they share different experiences and knowledge that they use to make Kneip a diverse studio. Nature and craftsmanship are important sources of inspiration. They are interested in telling stories through their objects and have a high focus on quality. All the products are handmade by Kneip, and are either unique or made in small series.

20161019-ideal_lab-71151-Edit.jpgElora Brahmachari

Elora recently graduated from Bergen School of Architecture. In her graduation project she proposes a transformation of the Munch Museum in Oslo into a library, as a cultural mediator and tool for urban transformation. In her studies she has focused on themes such as ethnicity, identity, social sustainability and urbanism.

20161020-ideal_lab-71356-Edit.jpgPhilipp von Hase

Philipp is wood oriented designer and maker based in Bergen. On one hand he works with sculptural Scandinavian furniture design and on the other hand he is interested in inventing co – machines, which are prototypes and experiments that are activating urban space; they are dream-machines from the future. Co-machines tackle problems that we face in our present, such as environmental, economical and equality issues.

20161020-ideal_lab-71393-Edit.jpgRalston & Bau

The design studio was founded by Birgitta Ralston and Alexandre Bau in Paris in 2001. The duo craft prospective scenarios for innovative industries and design spaces,objects and furniture. Ralston & Bau are the founders of the research through design program Ideal Lab and the curators of Tøyen Replanted.