Founders and curators 

Birgitta Ralston and Alexandre Bau met and founded their design studio in Paris in 2001. Two years later they discovered the West coast of Norway through an artist residency, where they imagined and built the design centre Transplant. Located on the shores of the Dalsfjord, it is today the studios creative base. The Swedish-French design duo is dedicated to give each design a sense of meaning and personality for international clients that use design strategically, making environments and objects understandable and desirable. Since 2007, they invite from diverse competence fields to co-create and produce tangible creations that inspire change. Ralston & Bau founded the Ideal Lab investigative design program with the desire to initiate design that focus on social issues.

Birgitta Ralston – Head of Program

Artistic Council
Their task is to establish the themes for Ideal Lab’ and curate resources for our selected participants in the design process. Our council gives the Ideal Lab’ process the depth it needs to create innovative results which makes a difference.

Alexandre Bau 
Owner and product and furniture designer at Ralston & Bau. Merging his strong story telling skills with a deep interest in technological innovation, he is creating projects with prospective relevance.

Béatrice Josse 
French curator with a long experience with organizing exhibitions and public art projects with great artists. Excited by critical dialogues, experimentation along with politics and poetry. Director at FRAC Lorraine in France.

Anthony Quinn
An English designer with over ten years of experience in the field of product design with a background in ceramics and with an extensive understanding for manufacturing and design.

Lars Sture
Norwegian artist and curator who work across the borders living both in London and in Solund in Sogn and Fjordane. His latest project is a school which he transformed into a gallery and residency with exhibitors from all over the world.

Ambra Trotto
Is a designer and studio manager at the ICT, in Sweden. She works with international strategies of cooperation in the field of design research and communication. With deep knowledge in the field of ethics in design for intelligent products and systems.


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