Emotional Mapping

In order to grasp the qualitative experience of town living a group of elders is asked to walk through town registering and identifying emotionally charged areas. A photographer from Transplant is registering every step with her camera. The result of the day is a greater awareness of all the personal stories connected to every corner of Dale, making visible that a place can have many different meanings attached to it. That is, a place is a space woven by traces of individual interaction. The numbered stickers being attached to the place is communicating to other by-passers that this is a spe- cial place, a place of importance. The places and stories are put on a blog for others to comment.

Sensing-Dale-emotional-mappingFrom the left: Christian Nitter, John Helle, Åshild Stav and Charlotte Grum

Day1_mapEmotinal spots in Dale / Dale in Sunnfjord overview map 2010

Place Nr. 1 – Yksnebjør/ Økenberg
Yksnebjør/ farm, where I grow up in another time, from the war period and beyond, along with parents and four siblings in the common effort to obtain the necessary for a living. But there was energy left to play both on land and the sea.

Meaning for me: The Farm, Dale , Dalsfjorden with its varied landscapes made it natural for me after the studies in Bergen in the 1960’s, to return to Dale as a teacher and sheep farmer.

Place Nr. 6 – Klokkargarden
Spare time was spent in this area. Various form of activity.

Meaning for me: Means friendship,
unity and development of creative times.