Call for participation

The investigative design program Ideal Lab’ is exploring further the theme “Replanted Identity“. The theme aims to create meaningful results by merging of what we might call “the local norm” with what is “different” to create new, formal expressions.

Ideal Lab, NIL and Vestre invite designers to Tøyen in Oslo this automn to realize scenarios that visualize the local identity of Tøyen.
The program is part of the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016.

New deadline for application with motivation letter, cv and portfolio: Wednesday 07.09.2016 at 17h.
Please send to:

0716 Utlysning Tøyen Replanted

Empathic Scenarios

Following Scenarios had been developed during research in Fjaler (September 2012). Aim of the research process was to identify potential “anchors” to develop “Empathic Homes” in Fjaler, based on existing needs and wants (compare mind-map “Scenarios for Fjaler”, picture above).

Smart space enhancement
– Limited resources of rooms (during conferences, meetings etc.)
– Idle space resources in existing homes in Fjaler
– No urgent need for economic capital in Fjaler
– Aging societies and increasingly social isolation of dwellers

– Conversion of vacant space into temporary B&B’s / Meeting places
– Integrate concepts of “working and living”
– Create alternative approaches for remuneration systems

Efficient spatial development
– Intense land consumption through single-family housing development
– Need for sensible spatial development (ecological sustainability) Need for compact “living communities” (social sustainability)
– Need for efficient communal management (economic sustainability)

– Develop prefabricated housing units
– Densification of existing land plots with existing houses and infrastructure
– Densification of social life and create “new neighborhoods”

Efficient social development
– Fjaler want to attract more people from creative scene (artists, designers,…)
– New inhabitants from the creative scene search adequate living space
– Lack of affordable living space in Fjaler
– This lifestyles (creative scene) prefer new concepts of “living in community”
– The focus group is interested in a sufficient sustainable

– Create new concepts of compact housing (ecological, social, economically)
– Mixture of private and shared spaces as well as infrastruc tures
– Establish a sharing community
– Create an incubator for “new social conditions”

Identifying climatic qualities

Heat, coldness, dryness, wetness/humidity, light, darkness, wind and calmness are all climatic qualities of the human environment. Our psychological perception is influenced by subjective factors like memory, experience, preference etc. making the perception of places a highly individual matter. In this workshop we want to explore which climatic qualities are being experienced in Dale and we want to create personal visualizations of specific climatic qualities by single use cameras. The result of the day is situated and individual observations making a sketch like description of which climatic qualities are being experienced in Dale. This information is put on the blog as well as samples of the individual visualizations of specific qualities. The aim is to raise reflections and further social exchange. It is a qualitative perspective which can be developed further by including more people and more places. As an example it is interesting to reflect upon whether a group of women would experience the same qualities as the men did, that is – whether a gender difference exist in perceiving and evaluating climatic qualities.

Sensing-Dale-identifying-climatic-qualitiesInstant cameras for different climatic qualities / warm, cold, humid, dry, open, closed, windy, calm, bright or / and dark

Sensing-Dale-identifying-climatic-qualities-day2-2From the left: Liv Sandsund, Nils Nitter, Åshild Stav, Asbjørn Eikerol and Torodd Fagerheim

Sensing-Dale-identifying-climatic-qualities-day2Olav M. Hovland and Liv Sandsund

Sensing-Dale-identifying-climatic-qualities-day2-3Place Nr. 8 Church Warm, humid, windy, calm, bright, open, closed

Sensing-Dale-identifying-climatic-qualities-day2-4Place Nr. 10 Bridge Cold, humid, windy, bright, open

map_center only_A3Climatic spots in Dale / Dale in Sunnfjord overview map 2010