Nine Agents will participate to a co-creative workshop in Florø from the 13th to the 17th of October 2014 to explore the theme of “Replanted Identity”. One can conclude that Norway and Europe is becoming more multicultural and multifaceted. Such a development has taken place in the city of Florø, which has evolved from a homogeneous coastal community to a multi cultural city today. Our actions and the objects that surround us contain the essence of local traditions. Ideal Lab’ and Flora commune invites citizens in the community to use skills of their own. They are the ones that shape the future expressions of their own town.

In the Ideal Lab’s program “Replanted Identity” nine designers, artists and artisans are selected to co-create with the local Florø population from diverse cultural backgrounds, and to develop new artistic expressions through crafts skills. Based on personal and local knowledge, as found in habitants with diverse cultural backgrounds and in generations of “florøværingar”, the goal is to create visual works reinventing the identity of Florø.

The program Ideal Lab’ is initiated by the design studio Ralston & Bau. The fourth theme “Replanted Identity” is a french – norwegian artistic exchange supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Paris and funded by the Norwegian Arts Council, the Sogn og Fjordane Region Cultural, Plan and Community Departments and the Flora Municipality.

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