By creative Agent Marc Brétillot (FR)

The research process from the Use-Reuse workshop resulted in a participative dinner experience for 35 guests. The food served  was designed by Marc Brétillot with the help of the students,  who also developed a packaging design: Left Overs – Bring it Home. The Packaging    contained crisp fish skin, roasted onions and selected herbs. Marc Brétillot, renowned French culinary designer, created a full dinner experience based exclusively on local food and applied the more approaching 0% process: each   food component used was upcycled using new innovative culinary  methods inspired by traditional recipes. With a pro-active participation of the guests, the values of “Transform” were transmitted in an informal and social way through this culinary and scenographic performance.


Preformance-dinner-guests-building-dining-table Preformance-dinner




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