Product Design by FplusK (NO)

Sensing objects and food; FplusK aims to create  objects that redefine the perception and flavours of a meal through a particular focus on the senses – using materials, surfaces and shapes that enhance the food experience.

The products are the result of a cooperation with one of Norway’s best chefs: Even Ramsvik. He has opened the  designers’ mind when it comes to exploring various aspects and possibilities of sensory perception and the experience of food. Serving as inspiration to new culinary experimenting and   creations the products will provide new and unexpected ways of serving, sensing and eating food.


Does the object from which food is eaten affect the taste, balance and finish of the food? With Taste! FplusK are investigating what affect the shape, material and surface of the eating tool has to taste. Inspired by the primitive way we all enjoy eating oysters, FplusK designed shells that serves as both serving plates and eating tools. The three different shells each guide the food to various receptors on the tongue enhancing and changing the taste. (See picture above)




Balancing tastes and aromas is the challenge of all cooking. Sometimes the subtle sent or just a hint of an ingredient is enough to perfect the harmony. With Aroma…, a double layered plate, FplusK have designed a tool for the chef to add the aroma of ingredients or spices without actually adding them to the food. The top part serves as a presentation area for the food and seals the bottom part, which can be filled with scented dry ice or steam with a chosen aroma.



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