Ideal Lab at the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne

The designs and art produced in the theme Replanted Identity in 2014/15 has been selected to take part in the Biennale in 2015. It will be shown in a dedicated exhibition of 110 m2.

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Ideal Lab

The Ideal Lab is a program that relocates the meaning of design to a social environment in mutation. In collaboration with research, arts, science, sociology, and industry the Ideal Lab’s goal is to define future needs, provide human results and realize future scenarios through tangible products and processes. By themed cycles of one year, selected Agents are invited to exchange visions, thoughts and co-produce meaningful results.

See some of the results and learn more about previous themes below.

2014 – Replanted Identity
2013 – Empathic Home
2012 – Precious Food
2010 – Longer Participation